For Kevin D. Lopez

Endorsement List for Kevin D. Lopez Candidate for Assessor of Alameda County

Rich Fierro

Trustee Teamsters Local 70, Hayward, CA

Charles Scarano Jr.

Retired Teamsters Local 70, Fremont, CA

Sam Nawar

Real Estate Broker, Union City, CA.

Javier Torres

Construction Management, Fremont, CA.

Darwyn Gayatin

Electrician, Fremont, CA.

Glenn D. King

Managing Broker, JD Sterling International Real Estate Company, San Ramon, CA.

Tom Breen

Commissioner of the Mission Valley Athletic League (MVAL), Fremont, CA

Paul Campana

President of the Mission Valley Football Officials Association (MVFOA), Pleasanton, CA.

Debbie Keesis

President of Centerville National Little League (CNLL), Fremont, CA.

Keith Balch

Certified Residential Appraiser, The Alpha Valuation Group, Campbell, CA.

Jeffery Feeney

Commercial Real Estate Agent, Coldwell Banker, Napa, CA.

Jack Jweinat

Real Estate Broker, Berkshire Hathaway Drysdale Properties, Fremont, CA.

Sheila Green

Commercial/Industrial Appraiser, Alameda County Assessor, Oakland, CA.

Juan Selles

United State Navy, Department of Justice-Retired, Fremont, CA.

Michael J. Barney

VP of Sales and Marketing-Norfield Inc., Chico, CA.

Scott O'Donnell

Athletics Supervisor, California School of the Deaf, Fremont, CA.

Christine Krisman

Athletic Director, Moreau Catholic HS, Hayward, CA.

Andrew Cotter

Head Coach Varsity Football, Moreau Catholic HS, Hayward, CA.

Daryl Lemas

Varsity Baseball Coach, Newark Memorial HS, Newark, CA.

Mike Tripp

Head Coach Varsity Basketball, Washington HS, Fremont, CA.

Bill Kritzer

Valuation Analyst, ProTax LLC, Poway, CA.

Richard Jones

Gillig Bus Company, Livermore, CA.

Diane Acquistapace

Home School Educator, Fremont, CA.

Jim Snell

Attorney at Law, Fremont, CA.

Alfred Gordillo

Secretary/Treasurer, MVFOA, Fremont, CA.

George H. Zuber

Educator, New Haven Unified School District, Union City, CA

William Edwards

Head Coach Varsity Football, Washington HS, Fremont, CA

Ian Perry

Mission Valley Football Officials Association, Fremont, CA.

Don Quevrel

Retired Athletic Director and Basketball Coach Chabot College, Hayward, CA.

Ronda M. Little

Commissioner Judge Madera County, Clovis CA.

Steve Vandenbusch

Fremont Unified School District, Child Nutrition Services, Fremont, CA.

Joseph Carter

Santa Cruz County Mental Health Services, Castro Valley, CA.

Paul McDermott

Athletic Director / Head Coach Varsity Football, John F. Kennedy HS, Fremont, CA.

Jonathan Dotson

Sales Representative Vitas Healthcare, Hayward, CA.

Warren Keller

Athletic Director/Head Coach Varsity Football, California School of the Deaf, Fremont, CA.

Rick Black

Plumbing Contractor, Fremont, CA.

William Jones

Pacific Bell-Retired, Galt, CA.

James Little

California Highway Patrol-Retired, Clovis, CA.

Cole R. Camapa

Educator, Fremont Unified School District, Walters Jr. HS., Fremont, CA.

Malia Vella

Staff Attorney at Law, Teamsters Local 856, San Bruno, CA.

Jeff C. Li

Senior Product Engineer Communication and Powers Industries, San Ramon, CA.

Jeff Yock

Retired Fire Captain Daly City, San Ramon, CA.

Wes Zmolek

Analytical Chemist/Mass Spectrometrist, Fremont, CA.

Kenneth Peffer

Co-Athletic Director, American HS, Fremont, CA.

Gerry Robinson

Construction Manager stationed at Stanford University, Union City, CA.

Bradley Tubbs

Head Coach Varsity Football, Newark Memorial HS, Newark, CA.

Mark Strand

Security Manager at Sun City Palm Desert, Palm Desert, CA.

Robert Gonzalez

Former President of Centerville National Little League 2014-2016, Fremont, CA.

Harold Francis

Retired NASA & Department of Defense Engineer, Fremont, CA.

Coulter Rigdon

Athletic Director, Washington HS, Fremont, CA.

Rachel Kahoalii

Athletic Director, Newark Memorial HS, Newark, CA.

Brian Hashimoto

Co-Athletic Director, American HS, Fremont, CA.

Bill Jones

Construction Manager, O.C. Jones and Company, Lathrop, CA.

Dr. Gerald Mendes

General Dentistry, Pleasanton, CA.

Cynthia Demartini

Accountant, Roseville, CA.

Tammi Curtis

Registered Nurse, Santa Rita Jail, Fremont, CA.

Renee Barney

Educator Chico Unified School District, Chico, CA.

Charles Scarano Sr.

Retired Teamsters Local 70, Fremont, CA.

Scott Akeson

Retired Fire Captain Roseville, Alamo, CA.

Tim Brendlin

Referee, MVFOA, Livermore, CA.

Juan Morales

Teamsters Local 70, Hayward, CA.

Jon Demartini

Golf Industry, Sacramento, CA.

Jim Schroeter

Sales Professional, Solar Industry – Sacramento, CA.

Jim McGeough

California Community College Officials Association, Evaluation and Testing Committee Chairman, Castro Valley, CA.

To respect the privacy of others, there are an additional 50+ endorsements that are not posted on the website.